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How graphic design adds value to your company

Posted by in Blog, Graphic Design

You have often be told that the design of your company’s new logo, posters, merchandising and other marketing materials needs
to be seen as an investment rather than an expense, that the time, energy or money that you or your company have put onto
graphic design should be expected of a worthwhile result.

For some design elements it is easier to measure said results than others. The success of working on the redesign of your website,
for example, could be measured by the increasing number of information requests, product sales, new clients, etc… The effects of a new email marketing campaign,
could be weighted by looking at new subscriptions, social engagement, events presence…

But what about the not so obvious things? What about the value of a new logo? the shirts for your sales team? internal signage?
Pieces that support your branding but that are not necessarily created with the objective of “Selling more”?

Does graphic design bring value?

Do they bring value?

At a company level, graphic design can help increase brand perception and awareness
which will eventually translate into better customer loyalty.

Internal elements like signage, posters, manuals, etc… bring professional value, they help
improve your teams workflow, or make the job for someone easier.

At personal level, graphic design adds Identity value, boosting the pride of your workers,
helping them win respect of competitors and clients, and creating a sense of community.